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About Us

Seth Rose, MS, CMPC, USAT L1

Seth Rose is an experienced and professional sport and mental performance consultant with a strong background in higher education and mental performance consulting with elite performers. He incorporates mental skills training, performance enhancement techniques, and cognitive skills development with various populations such as the military, athletes, and coaches at every level. Specifically, he has consulting experience with sports such as baseball, softball, golf, pole vaulting, rugby, soccer, basketball, martial arts, endurance athletes (swimming, cycling, running, triathlon), and many more at both the club, intercollegiate, and elite levels. He currently serves as a Cognitive Performance Specialist to U.S. Military Special Operations communities in the National Capital Region. 


In addition, Seth has worked at several colleges and universities including Cal State Fullerton and the University of Idaho as both teaching faculty and mental performance consultant within their athletic departments. He is the founder of Transition Performance where he provides individual and team mental performance consulting to club, college, and professional athletes to help individuals reach sustainable, peak performance. Seth is currently completing a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology at the University of Idaho.


Seth is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) that is passionate about unlocking human excellence and training individuals to reach health and performance goals through systematic mental skills training, using data analytics, heart rate variability biofeedback, cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness-based approaches, and leadership development. 

In his free time, Seth enjoys training and racing triathlon, including long-distance/Ironman events, hiking, mountain biking, and spending time with his wife, Erin, and two dogs, Charlie and Tito.

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