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Perform Under Pressure
Sharpen Focus and Concentration
Master Mental Rehearsal
Manage Emotions, Stress and Anxiety
Build Confidence

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We provide an individualized approach to mental performance for all (athletes, coaches, athletics directors, parents, law enforcement, military, etc.). We develop personalized performance blueprints to address specific needs that evolve and mature with the performer as they transition. Transitioning your performance can be a one-time session or take advantage of our fully customized cognitive strategy program to maximize your performance.


The first session is always a no-cost, no-obligatory session where the potential client will learn about what we offer and how it can potentially transition your performance.​



We take an integrated and systematic approach to the needs of the organization for an entirely customized performance enhancement program. Team Performance programs include:

  • Free Introductory Session

  • On-site Performance and Behavioral Analysis

  • Team based Cognitive Restructuring Training Sessions (with integration to practice)

  • One-on-one Training Packages

  • Round Table Discussions with Coaching Staff

Team Performance can be one-time sessions, multiple sessions, or season-long integration.

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"Life is one big transition" Willie Stargell

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