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Mental Performance coaching optimizes mindset, performance, sport well-being, leadership, and culture. These services are designed to help performers and leaders develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to consistently perform at their optimal level.


Build Confidence

Manage Emotions, Stress, and Anxiety

Improve Well-Being

Perform Under Pressure
Sharpen Focus and Concentration
Master Mental Rehearsals

Mentally Prepare for Competitions or Selections

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Individual Mental Performance

We provide an individualized approach to mental performance for all (athletes, coaches, athletics directors, parents, law enforcement, military, etc.). We develop personalized performance blueprints to address specific needs that adapt and mature with the performers as they evolve.


It is designed for performers who are interested in a single session, short-term, or longer-term consultation to enhance their mindset, performance, leadership, or experiences in sport or their performance domain. Potential areas include confidence, resiliency, motivation, concentration, returning from injury, and performance anxiety.


For performers who are interested in long-term, multi-session consultation, an initial session can be the first step toward that option, where a systematic plan will be developed. The first session is always a no-cost, no-obligatory session where the potential client will learn about what we offer and how it can potentially transition your performance.​


Team Training

Build a Winning Team. Mental training programs through team workshops and small group sessions, tailored to each team’s unique needs and goals, are systematically developed & provided. In collaboration with the mental performance consultant, leaders choose the mental performance topics to include in their team’s personalized multi-session program. This service can be delivered to the entire team, subgroups (based on position, class year) or pairs within the team, or across multiple teams. Team Performance programs include:

  • Individual and Team Assessments

  • Team-based Mental Skills Training sessions

  • One-on-One Training Packages

Team Performance can be one-time sessions, multiple sessions (pre-season), or season-long integration.

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“Learn to embrace change in your personal and professional life and make the transition to a better you.”

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