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Why would I work with a Mental Performance Consultant?

Many of my clients have the physical capabilities to be successful, yet their mind typically holds them back from maximizing their potential. Many say that the mental side of performance is very important, yet don’t act on it. Leave no stone unturned in your performance and take responsibility for your mindset during your training and competitions. Cognitive Restructuring Strategies and Techniques follow Sport Psychology principles that are scientifically proven to not only enhance athletic performance, but also transition to all parts of your life. Invest in yourself today and Transition Your Performance!

How would we work together?

Consultation Sessions are not time specific, but typically run from 45-90 minutes in length dependent on age, competition level, and topics. These Sessions are typically in-person, video chat (Skype or Facetime), or via phone. Consultations Sessions can also occur on location during training or competition (locally). During our first meeting we’ll talk about your sport history, previous experiences with Sport Psychology (if any), and your reasons for contacting Transition Performance. I will assess the best Cognitive Restructuring Skills for us to work on in order to help you maximize your potential and accomplish your goals. Depending on the program that best fits your needs, we will work together either once/week or every other week.

What kind of Cognitive Restructuring Skills would we work on?

Everything we do together revolves around maximizing your potential to get you where you want to be with your performance. Individual topics typically include: performing under pressure, improving confidence, dealing with team issues, competition preparation and reflection, managing emotions and performance anxiety, and using your self-talk to enhance performance. Though our Sessions, you will start to build a solid foundation for developing consistency with your mental game and performance.

What’s the best program for me?

Contact Seth today to get your free 20 minute consultation and find out the best option to meet your needs and Transition Your Performance!

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